Our mission is to connect people to Jesus
as we joyfully live and share the Gospel.


Good Shepherd aspires to move into the future
as a united and joyful community in Christ,
strengthened and inspired by God to have an increasing impact
upon the Gretna community and beyond
with the love of Jesus Christ.

2022 Ministry Theme

“The Doors God Opens”

God will be opening doors of ministry for us in 2022!  St Paul wrote to his Christian friends at Corinth in 1 Corinthians 16:9 to tell them that “a wide door for effective service” had opened for him in Ephesus.  Paul was convinced that God was calling him to go to that great city because opportunities for effective ministry were awaiting him there.  In like manner, our Lord Jesus is, and will be, placing open doors of ministry for us individually and as a congregation in 2022.  May God give us eyes to recognize these open doors, and hearts and lives that are willing to respond in grateful service to Him!