The purpose of a Christian wedding is for a man and a woman to speak their vows of faithfulness to each other before the Lord; to hear once more God’s blessings and guidance concerning marriage; and finally, to give opportunity for friends and relatives to celebrate with you on this special day.

The Christian wedding ceremony is always set in the context of worship. This is the controlling factor in all wedding arrangements whether it be music, photography, rehearsals, ushering, etc. A Christian wedding is a time to give praise and thanks to God and to pray for His blessings on the bride and groom. We want you to have a beautiful wedding and, above all, a rich and fulfilling marriage blessed by God.

To schedule a wedding here, you must be either a member of Good Shepherd, or related to a member of Good Shepherd. You will then need to meet with Pastor, complete an Application for Wedding, and leave a deposit to reserve your spot on the church calendar. You can contact pastor through the church office at 402-332-3345 or from our Contact Us page.