Hey there Kiddos!  I'm missing our time together.  Sometimes I don't realize what a great group of kids I get to teach until I don't get to teach you for a few weeks.  However, I am thankful that you have some pretty great parents that I hope will take my place since I can't welcome you all at church... or come and visit you at your house.  I would love to hear from you so have your parents send me an email, text or Facebook me! 


Hey there parents!  Many of you are like me and just got handed the massive task of working from home and trying to homeschool your kids.  Not to mention finding activities to do with your kiddos until our amazing teachers have material ready to send out to us!  No doubt this is a hard time for our kids too.  Taking a bit of time to connect them to scripture and help them grow in their faith will help them (and us) as we navigate through the next few weeks. 


I spent several days looking at the lessons that we are in the middle of.  I just couldn't figure out how to make it all connect.  Then a friend shared this lesson with me... with a timely lesson touching a bit on COVID-19.  Please take some time this week for Sunday School at home!  Scroll to the bottom of the link below for this weeks lesson!


Click here for the lesson. 


In His Grip,

Ms. Tara


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