Good Shepherd organizes various opportunities for the Church’s families to share in fellowship outside of Sunday mornings. Over the course of the year, Good Shepherd will hold events and outings for its families to get together and have a good time. Previous outings include bowling trips and Storm Chasers games. Please check our News tab for any upcoming events. We hope you can join us!

**Family Time Opportunities**

There aren’t a lot of good things I can say about COVID-19… but I do have a couple.  We have something in our family called “Forced Family Fun” (I stole this phrase from a high school friend!)  We aren’t very regular about family activities.  However, this forced slow down has helped the five of us connect more often- family game nights, movie nights, walks around the neighborhood, kids getting out playdoh, race car tracks, etc.  It makes me so happy to see stronger bonds forming and memories being made.

I encourage you to also try connecting with your family in the area of faith.  I have found a great resource for families to do together.  All supplies are things that most families have around the house and everything is scripted for you. There are activities for toddlers, all ages (grade school), and teenagers. Take some time to dig in to the Word with your kids and help grow their hearts toward God!

Click here for great at home activities.

God bless-  Tara Hess

Director of Children and Family Ministries