7th and 8th Grade Confirmation Schedule 2022-2023

Sept 7- Confirmation Orientation

Unit 1: My Relationship with God
Sept 14- Who is God (Creation and the Trinity)? (The Apostles Creed)

Sept 21- Who is Your God? (1st Commandment; Apostle’s Creed)

Sept. 28- Who is Jesus? (Apostle’s Creed 2nd Article)

Oct 5- My Salvation and Identity in Christ (Baptism; Confession and Forgiveness)

Oct 12- Lives of Worship and Praise (Commandments 2-3)

Oct 19- The Holy Spirit and Christ’s Church (Apostle’s Creed Article 3)

Learning Event: Help with Sunday or Wednesday worship as an usher; singer in a youth choir; acolyte; or reader.

Unit 2: My Relationships with Others
Oct 26- God’s Will for My Relationships Part 1 (Commandments 4-5; Temptation Petition Lord’s Prayer)

Nov 2- God’s Will for My Relationships Part 2(Commandments 5; Temptation Petition Lord’s Prayer)

Nov 9- God’s Will for My Relationships Part 3 (Commandments 6-8)

Nov 16- God’s Will for My Relationships Part 4 Coveting, Forgiveness and Reconciliation (Commandments 4- 10 Apostle’s Creed Article 2; Forgiveness Petition Lord’s Prayer) and Unit 2 Quiz

Communion Class (For 7th and 8th grade students)
Materials for Communion Classes

Nov 30- What is the Lord’s Supper?
Dec 7- What do we receive in the Lord’ Supper?
Dec 14- Preparing to receive the Lord’ Supper

After participating in these classes, you will need to setup a short interview with Pastor Larson or Pastor Werling. We will send out a Signup Genius with available dates and times. Once you have completed your interview and shown you know what Jesus gives us in the Lord’s Supper you will be able to receive it during the worship services. This is for both 7th and 8th graders.

Unit 3: Growing in the Word
Jan 11- What is God’s Word?

Jan 18- Kids Against Hunger was canceled
Jan 25- Lord’s Prayer Part 1

Feb 1- Lord’s Prayer Part 2

Feb 8- Kids Against Hunger Servant Event
Feb 15- Watch Luther Movie (Part 1)

Feb 22- Watch Luther Movie (Part 2) and Unit 3 Quiz

Unit 4: Lives Shaped by Christ

Mar 1- Serving Your Neighbor in Your Vocations and Speaking with Other People about Jesus
Mar 8- Using What God First Gave Us
Mar 15- My Life, Death, and Christ’s Return
(Schedule was changed because previous classes were canceled for weather. We watched the Luther Movie on March 1,8,15.)

Mar 22- 8th Grade Students Make Confirmation Stoles

Mar 26- Confirmation Sunday