Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Endowment

“But just as you excel in everything – see that you also excel in this grace of giving.”  – 2 Corinthians 8:7

In 2019, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church began its Endowment Fund with the goal of providing financial support for ministry beyond our annual budget. If you are not familiar with endowments, an endowment is a separate fund set up to manage special gifts for future ministry. Our Endowment consists of donations from our members, given both during our lifetimes and through our wills and trusts.

The Endowment has grown over the years thanks to the incredible generosity of our congregation. We invite you to consider a donation to the Endowment to support our stewardship both during your lifetime and beyond.

The GSLC Endowment consists of funds for five specific areas of ministry:

Gifts can be designated toward one or more of these five funds or given to the common fund which will be divided among these funds as determined by the Church Council.

The GSLC Endowment accepts donations of any size, and your financial stewardship will help GSLC connect people to Jesus by joyfully sharing and living the Gospel.

Donations to the Endowment can be mailed in or dropped off at the church office. Please be sure to clearly identify that your gift is for the Endowment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does Good Shepherd Lutheran Church have an Endowment?

A. The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Endowment was created to provide a structure for those wishing to make gifts, both during their lives and at the time of their death, that will support ministry for many years to come.

Q. What will my gift do?

A. Your gift to the Endowment will be a legacy to the glory of God, will ensure that income is available for the ministries which you have faithfully supported, and will ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to experience and participate in the mission and ministry that makes Good Shepherd Lutheran Church an integral part of our lives.

Q. How will the Endowment be used?

A. The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Endowment supports ministry in five areas:

  1. The Mission Outreach Fund focuses on service outreach, mission and evangelism initiatives, mission outreach among ethnic groups and mission trips/servant events.
  1. The Education/Discipleship Equipping Fund focuses on tuition for members attending Wee Lambs Preschool, a Lutheran High School, Synodical Colleges, Universities and Seminaries and skills enhancement/enrichment for GSLC staff.
  1. The Human Care/Benevolence Fund focuses on mercy ministries for those in peril and disaster, facing economic or personal hardship and vocational support for career repositioning.
  1. The Capital Fund focuses on new facilities or facilities expansion, remodeling and renovating existing property, new capital equipment, deferred maintenance and supplies for unique congregational ministries.
  1. The Praise Band Fund focuses on Providing instruments and musical charts, electronic equipment to enhance Praise Band led worship, funding for travel and resources to assist other congregations with creation of or enhancement of their Praise Band Ministry.

Q. Can I give my entire gift to one of these five Funds?

A. Yes, a gift can be given undesignated (to be spread across these Funds) or can be given to

one or more specific Funds.

Q. Are there specific types of gifts that the Endowment accepts?

A. GSLC accepts many types of gifts. Please see the Guidelines for The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Endowment here for specific details about what is acceptable.

Q. Can I give for a purpose that is not covered by one of these Funds?

A. Yes, you can create a special fund (which can be named). However, because of the challenge of accounting for many small funds, a new/special fund requires a minimum commitment of $25,000.

Q. Will an Endowment replace members’ regular support?

A. No, an Endowment is designed to support expanded ministry, not to replace our regular

giving. Funds are not to be used to replace current budgeted support.

Q. Since it is an Endowment, are only the earnings spent?

A. Yes and no. Earnings and principal in the Capital Fund and Praise Band Fund are available for distribution (Capital Funds are to be distributed as a match to encourage current gifts). The other three Funds are restricted so that only the earnings can be spent.

Q. How do I request a grant for my favorite ministry?

A. A form is available to make distribution requests. The Endowment Committee then makes grant recommendations to the Leadership Council. The Leadership Council has final approval of all grant requests.

Q. How do I make a gift to the Endowment?

A. To make a gift to the Endowment Fund by check, please make the check payable to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church for the Endowment. Our congregation’s Gift Planning Counselor, Craig Stirtz, aids those wishing to make gifts of stock, bonds, life insurance and real estate. He also provides free consultation on estate planning strategies to most effectively bless your loved ones and ministry while minimizing taxes.

Q. Who should I contact to learn more or to discuss my/our gift?

A. If you have questions, you can contact Craig Stirtz directly at 402-616-0312 Or you can contact the church office at 402-342-3345 or and an Endowment committee member will be in contact to discuss how you might use this opportunity to further God’s work and His kingdom through the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Endowment.

The Mission Outreach Fund focuses on:

  1. Service outreach opportunities in our community.
  2. Mission and evangelism initiatives in our District, Synod, and global endeavors.
  3. Mission outreach among ethnic groups.
  4. Mission trips, servant events, etc. with preference given to those which are done in accord with the LCMS District, Synodical and Global missions.

The Education/Discipleship Equipping Fund focuses on:

  1. Tuition assistance for GSLC’s youth attending a Lutheran High School.
  2. Tuition and other support for GSLC’s members attending Synodical Colleges, Universities and Seminaries, with preference to those preparing for church ministry vocations.
  3. Tuition assistance for children attending Wee Lambs Preschool.
  4. Congregation’s staff (called, contracted, or hired) for enhancement and enrichment of skills. 

The Human Care/Benevolence Fund focuses on:

  1. Mercy Ministries for those in peril and disaster.
  2. Benevolence for those facing economic or personal hardship.
  3. Vocational support to help people in career repositioning.

The Capital Fund focuses on:

  1. Building of new facilities or facilities expansion.
  2. Remodeling and renovating existing property.
  3. Obtaining new capital equipment.
  4. Deferred maintenance for non-reoccurring capital expenses.
  5. Purchasing such items necessary for enabling or improving a unique ministry of the church.

The Praise Band Fund focuses on:

  1. Providing instruments and musical charts for the Praise Band.
  2. Providing electronic equipment to enhance Praise Band led worship.
  3. Provide funding for Praise Band travel.
  4. Provide resources to assist other congregations with creation of or enhancement of their Praise Band Ministry.